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Dreaming of Kona

Sep 17, 2015  |  Posted by: withshield83   |  No Comments
Photo by Sean Hagen available under a Creative Commons license of www.flickr.com.

Photo by Sean Hagen available under a Creative Commons license of www.flickr.com.

Even though my “A” race, Ironman Louisville, is less than a month away my thoughts are on racing the Hawaii Ironman in two years (2017). I know my chances of qualifying next month are remote given my projected eleven-hour finish time and the time required to qualify in my age group is approximately nine hours and thirty minutes (give or take). How can I hope to qualify next year at Louisville if I am two hours from the qualifying time? Simple answer- I am going to train my butt off and leverage every training technique and technology I can to maximize my chances. I have learned a lot this year and have made a lot of mistakes (more on this in later posts). Most importantly, I have learned that if I train smart and hard (at the right times) I am capable of qualifying. Even though my times this year and my past times do not reflect my ability to qualify, I know based on those magical training sessions that I am capable. The reason I have never come close is that I have made every mistake in the book, however, as cliché as it may sound I have learned a lot from these mistakes. Next year, I will take what I have learned from these mistakes plus all the positives from my current training and create a training plan and execute this plan to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman. Until then I will use my dream of racing Kona to carry me through those tough training days!


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